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R Ferreira

R FERREIRA specializes in providing services in the field of customs clearance. However, the market has grown and changed a lot in the last few years and with that new business opportunities and possibilities to add value to the service provided until then and to adapt to the new model demanded by the market were generated, deciding to act in the entire logistics chain, that is , customs clearance, international freight, road transport, international insurance, storage, consulting, etc.

With a history of more than 35 years in the field of foreign trade, R FERREIRA is very solid, has a lot of tradition and broad relationships in all its areas and locations.

It is a company aimed at exceeding expectations through high quality solutions and the pursuit of excellence in the services provided, specializing in the provision of services and advice in Foreign Trade.

Over the years, the company has been growing and consolidating itself as one of the most comprehensive service providers in the field of Foreign Trade.

Currently, the company’s directors have been expanding the organization, mixing modern management concepts with the philosophy inherited from their predecessors.

It was in this area that the organization began its activities and, over more than thirty-five years, acquired a very strong tradition in the market and a clientele formed, in the majority, by multinational companies.

Currently, customs clearance, among the wide range of services offered by RFERREIRA, plays an important role in International Logistics.

Import Advisory

º Analysis and preparation of EX-Tarifário;
º Tax benefits such as REPORTO;
º Specialist in machinery and used material;
º Specialist in beverage clearance (MAPA);
º Analysis of documentation arrivals from abroad;
º Assistance with unloading, verification of malfunctions;
º Elaboration/follow-up of L.I.
º Elaboration and registration of DI.
º Payment of Taxes and Fees;
º Customs Clearance;
º Monitoring and finalization of processes before public agencies;

Export Advisory

º Elaboration of the B/L draft;
º Export Registration;
º Dispatch Request;
º Export Dispatch Declaration;
º Preparation of Credit Registration and Sales Registration;
º Elaboration of Invoice, Packing List and certificates of Origin;
º Atypical Processes: Temporary exports, Substitutions of Materials, etc;

Technical and Legal Advice

º Follow-up, development and strategies for special and/or atypical processes;
º Tax classification of goods;
º Preparation and follow-up of requirements;
º D.I./R.E. rectifications
º Registration of Financial Operations ;